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My dear fellow readers and prospects to affiliation, I am pleased to confirm that, unlike the summer which has been very slow to settle in this year, I am right on schedule with the goal I have set out for myself!

After a studious winter of concept auditing (by the formula) in-through-out (of) the Mac OS X Mountain Lion user environment, the time is right for a conceptual mid-year budget briefing, before upgrading to Mavericks and extending the scope of my audit to encompass the server/system dimensions, with a view to settling the thorny issue of how I will get my project funded through into achievement, considering that I have to implement my web solution "by default", i.e. by bringing the proof of concept that the virtual incubation formula of which I am the legitimate author and carrier does not exist on the market (insofar as it is a product derived from my stereoptical scheme, and hence from my genetic code), which makes my creation an original author's work.

In other words: considering that my web incubation solution, with all integrated funding options that it will embark (since all networks are in the formula), is not yet operational, I need a pass-through solution to bridge the funding gap until my finished web service (NetPlusUltra®) takes over from that temporary package, and pays me, as the Concept Enforcement Officer, my salary from your (future) yearly franchise membership fees.

Starting over (again) from the "Point zero" rationale introduced in the present website, this section aims at getting all parts of the macroeconomic 2.0* (w)hole in concept-sync on what must be reconsidered after the beta 1 instruction (my Soleau request), and on what remains to be done to get ourselves (to Save Our Souls) out of this viciously omnipotent sectarian dictatorship according to which those with ideas but no (more) money should resign themselves to get mistaken for granted by those with money but no (better) ideas!

To put it briefly, bank funding impartiality remains to be enforced, which should be about effectively recognizing an author's financial right to sustain a living from his·her creation, considering that the European code of intellectual property is a long-enacted obligation; this very well entitles me to a pass-through funding package, in "retroactive" compensation for all the salaries which have not yet been paid to me throughout the effective full-time instruction, by the formula, of the proof that an operational systemic solution to this engineering problem is nowhere to be found.

Settling this issue is therefore undeniably a matter of compensating for the moral and financial prejudice effectively (still) suffered, namely: sectarian harassment and systematic underfunding.

*About those mistakes which were built to last:

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